What is Dynamic Race Number Assignment?
Traditionally race numbers are assigned to pre-registered participants before packet pickup begins. A registration label is applied to the race number to assist registration voluteers with locating a participant's assigned race number. With dynamic race number assignment none of this happens. A participant's race number is assigned when they pickup all their goodies at packet pickup.

How does Dynamic Race Number Assignment work?
Participants that are pre-registered simply walk up to any station and either provide the registration volunteer their name or optionally provide a confirmation code that is scanned. The registration volunteer selects the participant then scans a race number to assign that race number to the participant. It's really that easy. New registrations accepted during packet pickup are processed the same way they've always been with your event.

What are the benefits of Dynamic Race Number Assignment?
  • Minimizes the amount of preparation time needed since no registration label needs to be applied
  • Minimizes the number of race numbers needed taking no-shows into consideration
  • Minimizes the number of timing tags/chips needed taking no-shows into consideration
  • Faster transaction times at packet pickup since it doesn't matter what race number a participant receives
  • Simplifies race number distribution for events wanting to have multiple packet pickup locations
  • Allows races that have contraints on the number of participants to over sell taking no-shows into consideration

What makes SMA's Dynamic Race Number Assignment different?
Our Dynamic Race Number Assignment system:
  • Is developed in-house by developers on staff. We can provide you a customized solution to suit your needs
  • Doesn't require an internet connection to operate like other existing solutions
  • Uses a participant database that has gone through our extensive data conversion/clean up process
  • Is extremely easy to use with little training required