How does Live Race Alerts via Email work?
Live Race Alerts via Email is intended to be used by friends, family or other spectators interested in tracking the progress of participants. You can sign up to receive email updates for multiple participants.

You sign up to receive notifications about the participant(s) you choose. When a participant crosses a timing location along the race course you will receive an email in your inbox.

How do I sign up for Live Race Alerts via Email?
Signing up for Live Race Alerts via Email is very easy. Enter the following URL in your web browser's address bar:

Enter your name and email address in the appropriate text boxes.

Next, select the event from the list of events in the dropdown list box.

In the Contestant box, enter your last name or race bib # and click the "Search" button.

Finally, select the name of the participant you want to track from the list of participants and click the "Sign-up" button. Congratulations, you will receive race progress and finish time updates for the selected participant in your email inbox.