With our Partners, Sports Management Associates, Inc offers an array of solutions to providing event results on the Internet. Event participants expect event results to be posted on the Internet almost instantly. Large events have more advanced requirements to keep spectators, the media and the world up to date with what's happening on the course. Sports Management Associates, Inc. can help you meet every expectation.

Basic Web Results
Basic online event results is included with any timing services contract. We will post event results to the web after your event. Many times this is accomplished before we even leave the event site. The event results are in a searchable format to make it easy for participants to find their results.

Live Web Results
Many major marathons and large events provide live results to the Internet. With Sports Management Associates, Inc. this capability is available to your event as well. We can send results live to the Internet so friends and family members can track their loved ones throughout the event.

SMS Text Messaging
Sports Management Associates, Inc. offers text messaging of results through our Partners. We have the ability to send SMS text messages from various split points on the course while the event is in progress. This helps specators know they haven't missed their favorite athlete on the course while trying to cheer them on.

Track & Field
Sports Management Associates, Inc. has developed a customized web site to view meet results on the web for those who use the lastest version of Hytek's Meet Manager. View results in a variety of ways with searching capabilities. Sports Management Associates, Inc. has the best results on the web for track & field!!